Table of Contents

Speaking with things, a transdisciplinary approach to writing technologies 

>preface: transcontextual tangles 
(includes: the transcontextual transdisciplinary and double binds: speaking with things: latour’s parlement; writing technologies: paradoxical non equivalences of Derrida and Gelb; khipu: both mop and map, touch not seeing or speaking, wearing maybe, walking the road)

>>”The Words They Are A-Changin'" : on companioning agencies in living worlds 

When is it writing? counting, tokens, khipus, computers
With and without words: apprehension
Cognitive companions and technologies

>>Sharing an Everending Planet : warm complexities 

Working with time: attention and memory
Caring with a planet: how endings speak and with what things
Agential realism and inhumanisms

>>Boundary object-oriented feminisms : on composting 

Who knows what and when? what knows? composting knowledge worlds
Among transcontextual feminisms we grow boundary objects

>>With: sympoiesis 

Living with (media) things
Complexity matters
Poiesis: a ripe compost

I envision this as a modestly sized book, with relatively short chapters, one that speaks to a transdisciplinary audience. Such an approach carefully touches on alternative and authoritative elements in a vast scholarly infrastructure, yet not from an adjudicating or exhaustive god’s eye view. Rather it models feeling out movements and entanglements in dynamic emergence. A unique synthesis of contemporary scholarly approaches, it stresses cognitive sensations and agencies threading through writing technologies infrastructures and media worlds. The book has several readerly possibilities: to be used as an introduction to any of the more particular areas of this vast intellectual infrastructure; or, to contextualize already engaged intensive interest and research for a sense of proportion, perspective, or coordination. It is also an argument for why such a synthesis matters today in working among complex systems both altered by and adapting with humans at scales from climate change to microbiomes to quantum computations.